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1. Remediation & Recovery Business

  • Location: Miami, FL

  • Asking Price: $1,000,000 - $2,500,000

  • EBITDA: $507,000

  • Multiple: N/A

  • Revenue: $1,992,000

  • EBITDA Margin: 27% 

  • Employees: 6-9

  • List Date: 5/13/2024 

  • Reason for selling: Retirement 

💬 Harry & Carter’s thoughts:

Remediation and recovery businesses are an increasingly popular acquisition targets due to the constant demand for their services arising from accidents, natural disasters, and environmental hazards. Projects often require ongoing maintenance and monitoring, leading to recurring revenue streams. A significant portion of work is covered by insurance policies which can provide a reliable source of income. After first glance, we would expect a realistic price for this business to be around $1,500,000 or roughly 3x EBITDA.

  • Experienced supervisor in place

  • 70% revenue from insurance claims

  • Residential and commercial clients

  • Long-term clients & high-end accounts

  • Services:

    • Water & mold remediation

    • Fire damage & smoke clean up

❓️What is the current geographic footprint of the company?
❓️Does the business have long-term contracts in place?
❓️What is the percentage of customer concentration?


Link to listing here

Broker: Brian Zoberg

Contact: 305-301-2443

2. Security & Emergency Services

  • Location: Utah

  • Asking Price: $750,000

  • EBITDA: $175,561

  • Multiple: 4.3x

  • Revenue: $1,434,571

  • EBITDA Margin: 12% 

  • Employees: 200 

  • List Date: 5/13/2024 

  • Reason for selling: Retirement

💬 Harry & Carter’s thoughts:

Since 1993, this security company has been coordinating security operations for events in Utah and neighboring states. They offer a wide range of services, from implementing safety protocols at small gatherings to managing emergency response teams at events with up to 150,000 attendees. The listing indicates they have 200 employees. We assume that most, if not all, are independent contractors.

  • 200 employees

  • Seller financing available

  • Wide range of services:

    • Security consulting

    • Investigations

    • Traffic management

    • Emergency medical services

❓️Are there any contracts with event spaces or just relationship based?
❓️Are employees’ contract-based or full time?
❓️Is this business seasonal?


Link to listing here

Broker: BusinessBroker.net 

Contact: N/A 

3. Snowboard & Bike Rental Business

  • Location: Frisco, CO

  • Asking Price: $2,100,000

  • EBITDA: $871,000

  • Multiple: 2.4x

  • Revenue: $2,070,000

  • EBITDA Margin: 42%

  • Employees: 12

  • List Date: 5/12/2024 

  • Reason for selling: Retirement 

💬 Harry & Carter’s thoughts: 

This locally owned snowboard, bike, and equipment rental company has been operating for 15 years and yields a 42% profit margin. With diversified revenue streams and year-round operations, it appears to have strong systems and staff in place. This seems like a great lifestyle business for an entrepreneur who loves the mountains and wants to be part of a local ski community in Colorado.

  • Strong online reputation (4.6 stars on Google)

  • Owner works 40 hrs/week

  • High margin (42%) & low multiple (2.4x)

  • Lifestyle business

❓️What is the owner’s role in the business?
❓️What percentages of revenue comes from winter season vs summer?
❓️Who are the company’s main competitors?


Link to listing here

Broker: Jeff Eisnaugle (Business Broker Colorado)

Contact: 303-905-7607

4. Niche Telehealth Provider

  • Location: King County, WA

  • Asking Price: $2,200,000

  • EBITDA: $550,000

  • Multiple: 4x

  • Revenue: $1,300,000

  • EBITDA Margin: 42%

  • Employees: ~43 contractors 

  • List Date: 5/10/24 

  • Reason for selling: Unknown

💬 Harry & Carter’s thoughts: 

Operating for over a decade, this specialized telehealth company presents numerous promising aspects. The listing highlights their possession of "transferrable" contracts with reputable educational institutions. This holds particular appeal as the transferability of contracts is a critical consideration when acquiring a business with contracts in place. Additionally, the business operates remotely and does not necessitate any licensure for its operation. We would be very curious to learn more about this listing.

  • Operates remotely

  • Seller financing available

  • No clinical experience or licensure needed to own

  • Transferrable contracts with well-known educational institutions

  • Private pay model (no insurance)

❓️Is the owner a doctor?
❓️How many hours a week does the owner work?
❓️Why is the owner selling?
❓️Who are your main competitors?


Link to listing here

Broker: Andrea Lines (Businessbroker.net)

Contact: N/A

5. Tree Debris Recycling Company

  • Location: Fort Pierce, FL

  • Asking Price: $3,800,000 ($1.5m RE)

  • EBITDA: $347,768

  • Multiple: 6.6x

  • Revenue: $2,030,900

  • EBITDA Margin: 17% 

  • Employees: 10

  • List Date: 5/13/24

  • Reason for selling: Other opportunities 

💬 Harry & Carter’s thoughts: 

We're closely monitoring the waste management services industry. This company operates a 19-acre recycling facility in Fort Pierce, Florida. Landscaping companies frequent this facility to dispose of their debris, which is then processed and sold as composting material. The company earns revenue from both accepting debris and selling the processed material. What sets them apart is being the only legally zoned and licensed recycling facility in the county, giving them a strong moat and ensuring consistent revenue.

  • Strong moat

  • Growth potential from nearby developments

  • Recession resistant service

  • Generates revenue on the collection and sale of material.

❓️Why is the owner selling?
❓️How can we structure the real estate into the deal and make the numbers pencil?
❓️What is the value of the equipment?
❓️How long does this equipment last before it needs to be replaced?


Link to listing here

Broker: Moe Gonzalez (Landscape Depot Investments)

Contact: N/A

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